Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Some Recent News about our Courses with Udemy

We recently published this  note inside of the Udemy system:

Dear students and past students,
we now have about six real-life cases to entertain you. They are all available for download in the rectangle that is connected to the Lecture 5.
We would like to congratulate Eric Manuel Torres for being the first student to accept the challenge, do the assignment that leads to the SPTIA certificate, and actually get it, so:
Congratulations, Eric!
Our past students can go back to the course at any time and get this certificate too. That is part of the lecture number six.
Eric said that he is happy with his and it was really exciting reading some of his lines.
See for yourselves:
"Professionals need to work within their competency: As much as one wishes to know everything that there is to know, this is humanly impossible".
"A static code might hinder progress within the profession".
"Each code has its own idiosyncrasies".
Thanks, Eric, you are making us all feel more empowered.
Please become each day more involved in all that has to do with the T & I Industry: We need people with your determination and will to contribute.

And we really meant it: It is simply fantastic having people like Eric in our industry. We never have enough of their opinions, contributions, and everything else. 

That is how we build a strong professional class: It all starts with small gestures of kindness toward each other. 

We put so much effort into building this course, and it is all exclusively for your enjoyment: Our profit is really minuscule and the price is also outrageous, but your gain and the gains for the industry are really priceless.

Please support our causes and invest in our industry by doing like Eric and accepting even the hardest challenges.

When we say Go, Eric we are obviously also saying Go, T & Is  and Go, T & I, is it not?

One heart, one power: All win!

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